WORCESTER Bridge will be closed next week as clean-up work after the flooding begins.

The bridge will be closed eastbound (towards the city) with a lane restriction westbound (towards St John's) on Monday, November 4 from 9:30am for removal of flood debris by crane.

Work has already begun on jetwashing the riverside and cleaning up after this week's floods, which have seen water levels near record heights and the Environment Agency has warned that there is still a risk of flooding over the weekend, with more rain forecast for the weekend.

According ot the agency: "Flooding may affect low lying land & roads adjacent to the river from Highley to Tewkesbury.

"Locations that may be affected include Stourport, Holt Fleet, Worcester, Kempsey, Severn Stoke and Upton upon Severn."

Residents are advised to avoid using low lying footpaths near watercourses and to plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded.

This week saw widespread flooding in Worcester and around the county, with the racecourse and large areas of the riverside being submerged.