BATTENHALL Road was closed earlier today after a workman got an electric shock while digging a ditch.

Contractors were attempting to repair a water mains leak when one put his spade through underground wires.

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Resident Heidi Sandels, 61, raised the alarm when the man “shot out like some beast from the deep lagoon” with emergency services quickly on the scene.

The road was blocked for a short time with Western Power Distribution later arriving to fix wiring that affected the electricity supply to the two homes next to the site near the turn for Timberdine Avenue.

“It was literally like a beast coming out, although he was scorched not burned. He was protected by wearing the right gear but you could see the scorch marks around the top of his gloves,” said Mrs Sandels.

“He was fine, they said he was very lucky under the circumstances. He was conscious and the ambulance took him away to get checked over.

“It was surreal, he shot out like some beast from the deep lagoon and then I saw his mate bringing him out just after it had happened.

“I shouted to my husband ‘ambulance, now!’ and they got here very quickly, in about five minutes. It all happened so quickly.

“There were fire engines, police and the paramedics here so it was all happening, we were just glad he was okay.”

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service confirmed two crews had been despatched to the call which went in at 11.22am and that they had declared the incident closed within the hour after the man had been transferred to the care of paramedics.

A West Mercia Police statement read: “Emergency services were called to an incident on Battenhall Road in Worcester at approximately 11.25 this morning to reports that a man had been injured whilst working in a garden.

“His injuries are not believed to be life threatening or changing at this time. The matter has been referred to the Health and Safety Executive.

"The road was closed for a short time whilst the emergency services responded.”