A DELIVERY firm has re-opened in Worcester following a fire which gutted the building.

ArrowXL opened its doors to clients on October 14 after two years of constructing the site which was burnt down on April 20 in 2017.

Paul Tyson, commercial director said: “We retained all our employees which was really important to us.

“The entire building has been built from scratch and modernised. The building before was around 50 years old and it was old fashioned. Out of the poor event has come a fantastic new building. This gives us a great opportunity to expand the size of the business. The planning wanted us to have a green outlook on the building because of the trees in the background. This represents an eco-friendlier approach.”


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The company, which offers delivery and storage to its clients, will create more jobs in the area as the business grows.

Two sprinkler water tanks have been installed outside the building which contains around 600,000 litres of water.

The replacement warehouse has been rebuilt twice as high - it’s now 14 metres tall, as before it was only seven metres.

There are between 230 and 250 workers on the site at Blackpole East Trading Estate. However, there could be more staff during peak times when the company will recruit more workers to cope with the demand.

All staff were transported by the company to and from Chepstow following the fire. However, the company then temporarily moved to a warehouse in Droitwich while the building was being re-built.

Jamie Gardener, platinum delivery driver said: “The building has all been upgraded. We are trying to put the customer at the fall front. We also work with our staff to ensure we’ve got the best tools to do our job efficiently.”