THE family of Worcester schoolboy, Oscar Saxelby-Lee, are facing a nervous wait as he undergoes a procedure to discover whether he will have to travel abroad for treatment.

In a Facebook post, the family said: “Please please say a prayer for our beautiful baby.

“This little chap will be going into theatre once again for the dreaded bone marrow aspiration (November 5).

“This time determines what will happen next, and whether we need to travel across the world to save him.

“Come on Ozzy, You can do it.”

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The bone marrow aspiration involves taking a sample of the liquid part of the bone marrow and analysing it.

It follows Oscar receiving more cells from his donor on October 11 in a bid to attack the rare T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia he suffers from. The results of the latest tests will determine if Oscar has responded well to the treatment or if his parents will have to resort to their other options: CAR-T or a second stem cell transplant, neither of which are available on the NHS.

We reported how generous Worcestershire people helped raise more than £500,000 needed for the expensive CAR-T treatment.

A fundraising campaign, run through the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust, raised more than £700,000 in three weeks.

Oscar's parents Olivia Saxelby and Jamie Lee said at the time they were “gobsmacked” and “thrilled” that the money had been raised.

The Trust has agreed with Oscar's parents that £600,000 will be ring-fenced for his treatment - while the rest will be spent on researching childhood cancers.

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Oscar’s parents pleaded for help to raise the cash after being told that, despite a bone marrow transplant, Oscar’s T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia had returned and no other treatment options were available on the NHS.

According to the family, £500,000 is enough to cover the treatment and care Oscar would require if all went to plan.

For more information, go to the family’s Facebook page ‘Hand in Hand for Oscar.’