When I saw the erection of the give way sign on the lamppost before the tunnel at the infamous Midland Road junction, I did a double take.

I had noticed the lamppost had been knocked over a few weeks back and had been recently repaired but with the addition of a glorious give way sign.

The relief I felt was palpable.

This may seem an overreaction but as someone who drives through the tunnel every day, I know only too well the confusion, frustration and near accidents this junction causes.

Not to mention the struggles for pedestrians who have no choice but to cross at dangerous points with poor visibility.

People reliant on Motability scooters have been forced to use the road due to there being no dropped kerb on Midland Road.

It really is a junction from hell for all people who have the misfortune of using it daily.

On many an occasion I have been waiting behind the solid white line and giving way to the right, as per the highway code, and have faced furious beeping… and certain hand gestures from vehicle users behind me.

Being a young driver, I feel somewhat discriminated against on the road.

The insurance for a first-time driver is the most expensive it has ever been, and we are often unfairly stereotyped as reckless and impulsive drivers.

As someone who learnt to drive in 2016, I would argue that young drivers are actually one of the safest group of drivers.

The theory test was only introduced in 1996 meaning my generation were the first to have to study the highway code and take a written test before being allowed to take the practical test.

The test has also become increasingly difficult which is shown in the decline in people passing it. The pass rate in 1935 was 63 per cent compared to just 46 per cent in 2009.

This makes us young and reckless drivers arguably the most qualified and, therefore, safest road users.

Well that, and the knowledge that if we do damage our cars our insurance will go up so much we will most likely be retired before we can afford a new one!

I knew who had the right of way before the give way sign was put up, did you?