AS political parties began gearing up for a general election, we went out on the street to ask the people of Worcester where they stand.

The general election is set for December 12 and will be the third since 2015 - despite elections only being meant to be held every five year.

We asked the people of Worcester how they planned on voting and if Brexit will influence their decision?

Phil Eames, 59, said: “I think the election is too early, we need to sort out Brexit first. I just want it over and done with, I think whatever the result may be, it will lead to more and more uncertainty.”

Ali Elibouzidi, 48, said: “I don’t know a lot about UK politics, I feel very confused. It is impossible to know who to trust, but I will definitely be voting Labour in the upcoming election.”

Kirsty Sanders said: “I will not be voting as I don’t see the point. In my opinion it doesn’t matter who gets in, they are still going to argue over Brexit like schoolboys. The people voted for Brexit and therefore the politicians should be working together to give us what they want. Whether leaving is a good thing or a bad thing, we can’t know, but we have already voted so there should be no more discussion about whether we should leave.”

Brandon Lee, 16, said: “Although legally I can’t vote I believe 16 year olds are just as entitled to have a say as anyone else. At the end of the day it is our future.”

Chris Derrick, 19, said: “I will be voting because I believe everybody should, however, I don’t feel having a general election right now is necessary. Brexit needs to get through parliament. I believe the problem lies with the parties blocking the conservative from getting their deal through.”

Irene O’Brien, 54, said: I am sick of it all. Sick of Brexit, and sick of the election. We should leave like we said we would. I will be voting conservative to keep Britain British.”

One voter - who didn’t want to give her name - added: “Given how the environment is, I will most likely be voting for the Green party this election. Brexit is a complete and utter sham, it has cost this country billions of pounds that could be spent on our overstretched public services. I believe holding the elections so close to Christmas was a tactical move by Boris Johnson. Many voters will struggle to make it to polling stations especially students who have returned home and the elderly or disabled being unable to face the cold.”