A FAMILY run fish and chip shop has opened in Worcester which has replaced a former 43-year-old fish bar.

Worcester Chippy in Broad Street, which is run by Andreas and Christina Vasiliou, opened its doors to the public on Saturday, November 2.

Mrs Vasiliou said: “The opportunity came about, and we saw a huge potential.

“After speaking with the locals, they told us that they missed a good fish and chip shop in the area. We heard the old gentleman that used to own the chip shop years ago did such a good job, so we want to bring that back to life.”

“I’ve seen Andreas work and how good he is with customers. I knew that was missing from this particular area.”

The couple, who were originally from Cyprus, however have spent their lives in Worcester, said they want to promote healthy eating by providing a piece of fruit with every child’s meal.

Mrs Vasiliou, aged 29 added: “With everything going on with children’s health we are trying to encourage healthy eating.

“I know what it’s like when you go out for food and children are offered cake and sweets, so I think it’s nice for families to go out and be offered something healthy after their meal.”

The restaurant takeaway, which was previously called Mediterranean Fish Bar, has a gluten free menu available for people with dietary requirements.

Students will receive a 10 per cent discount on Mondays if they order a special.

Mrs Vasiliou said: “Fish and chips tend to be a traditional meal and for the older generation, so we are trying to target students.

“Because we are central in Worcester, we want everyone to feel welcome here. As we’re a young family who run this, we want to represent a good work ethic for the younger generation to show that we’re capable of providing a good service, good fun and environment to come to

“As we’ve opened in the winter, we were not sure how busy we would be. It’s been surprising really – we’ve been steady considering we haven’t advertised.

“I have always enjoyed working in fish and chip shops. I have worked in them here and there since I was 16. I love the way you work in a chip shop – the customers, the service and it’s enjoyable seeing people happy with their food.”