SIR – A journey to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, taking a friend for her appointment, was a headache.

A slow approach to the car park and an even slower one looking for a space to park – in fact none available so I dropped my passenger at the exit barrier to walk across to the hospital ensuring she was on time for her appointment. 

I parked nearby, a 20-minute walk away. On my way home it took me, and, many, many more, at least 1 hour 15 minutes to drive from main entrance to the roundabout on the Newtown Road.

So frustrating but I really felt sorry for those patients having been discharged, not feeling good and just wanting to get home, ambulance drivers, people sat in a taxi not getting anywhere and buses not arriving on time for people to catch their connections home.

Help is definitely needed – in our hospitals and with parking, but also as a result of the increased population brought about by the proposed new build in our locality, and surrounding areas.

Thus affecting many other services too – doctors, dentists, schools at all levels, etc. Maybe the developers should contribute towards these changes.

Even now some builders are required to carry out works to make access/exit routes to and from the sites safe and where necessary place a bridge.

P Cooke