By Jemma Bufton

A MENTAL health nurse has been left devastated after losing a ring containing her grandfather’s ashes, and is now appealing for the public’s help to find the treasured item.

Bella Patterson, aged 33, had the ashes of her beloved grandad, Glynn Rees, encased in a sparkling red resin so he would be 'close to her forever' – but was horrified to discover it was missing after a training day.

She has launched an appeal to find the ring and has promised a £100 reward.

The Worcestershire Royal Hospital nurse said: “I am absolutely gutted I’ve lost the ring, I had it made last December. Me and my grandad were really close.

“He passed away suddenly three years ago. It was very unexpected. He had a cardiac arrest, but he died doing what he loved, which was gardening.”.

Miss Patterson was attending a training day at Perdiswell Young People’s Leisure Centre on Monday, November 4 when she lost the ring. When she returned to her home in Bromsgrove, she realised it was missing.

She added: “This ring is so special to me – I can’t put a price on it. Sentimentally it is worth millions. I’m just hoping it will be found. It is irreplaceable.”

Speaking of her granddad, who was from Builth Wells in Wales and died aged 84, Bella said: "Grandad was a big support throughout our whole life. As children he would teach us all kinds of life skills – from cooking and growing vegetables to woodwork in his shed. He wanted us to explore and be hands on. I don't think there were many five-year-olds being allowed to be let loose with saws and nails.

"He would pick us up from school and cook his signature dish. 'egg and chips'.

"If we ever forgot anything for school he would be there straight away. If it was raining he would be sat outside school waiting in the car – this was throughout our whole school life even when we were at high school.

"I don't think you fully appreciate what you had until it's gone.

"He had a great sense of humour and personality. Had always had a new joke to tell you and was always playing pranks on us.

"It didn't stop as we got older. He would be round helping us decorate and gardening.

"He then passed on everything he taught us as children to his great-grandchildren. It was like witnessing our childhood all over again.

"He was young at heart, that's why it was such a shock when he passed away. A few months earlier he was cruising in the Caribbean and segwaying.

"Emotionally he was everything to us. We could tell him anything, he would stay calm and know exactly what to advise us to do.

"Everybody who knew him loved him. It would take him hours to walk and get a paper as he would be stopping and talking to people.

"He was a massive part of our life and everyone who knew him."

Bella has reported the lost ring to the police.

If you come across Bella's lost ring, you can contact her by emailing