A MAN who assaulted Worcestershire Royal Hospital staff has been back in court for breaching his curfew.

Mark Payne-Lundy admitted assaults and one count of racially, religiously, aggravated harassment when he appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court back in April. In that case the court heard he swung a missed punch at a nurse and punched a security guard. The 30-year-old also called a couple in the hospital waiting room “dirty foreigners”.

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On Friday magistrates heard that the 12 month community order included a curfew requirement that Payne-Lundy admitted failing to comply with, having breached it on October 6.

Michael Weston, prosecuting on behalf of the probation service, said as Payne-Lundy was now working he had been struggling to get to his home in Cherwell Close, Tolladine, each night before 7pm, when the curfew began. Mr Weston said: "To be fair to him I told him to take this (the curfew) seriously, and I think he does."

Mr Weston said he should have warned his offender manager earlier he was running late and was at risk of not being at home in time.

He added that it was a first breach, and said the probation service would not oppose the curfew being changed "to allow him to get back from work."

Payne-Lundy, representing himself, told magistrates he was doing plastering and building work and was picked up each day to get to and from work. He explained rush hour traffic was the reason for the breach, and he had been complying with the order including waiting until 7am before leaving his home, and leaving building sites early to ensure he got home in time.

When asked by magistrates what the offences were that led to him receiving a curfew, he said: "Drinking and being stupid."

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When he was then asked if he was "no longer being stupid", Payne-Lundy replied "yes", adding he was no longer drinking.

Magistrates extended his curfew by 10 days and ordered him to pay court costs of £60, within 14 days.

They also warned him to make more effort to tell his offender manager, if he was ever late in future.

His curfew was also altered, now coming into force 8pm until 6am each night.