TWO of Worcester's parliamentary candidates have reacted to the news that the Brexit party will not stand in the city.

Robin Walker, the city's incumbent MP and Stephen Kearney, Lib Dem PPC, both reacted after Nigel Farage announced his party would not stand in any of the 317 seats the Conservatives won at the last election.

Mr Walker welcomed the news, saying: "It is clear that we will deliver Brexit and now it is a matter of getting it done with a deal.

"It is very clear that a vote for Labour is a vote for a second referendum and for more uncertainty.

"A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for getting the job done."

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Mr Kearney, who came third in the 2017 election, said: "Nigel Farage standing down shows the Conservatives and the Brexit party are now one and the same.

"Johnson’s hard right Brexit takeover of the Tory party has now been endorsed by both Trump and Farage.

"I was so concerned when Robin Walker, the Tory Candidate in Worcester, went from campaigning against leaving the EU to becoming a Junior Brexit Minister-when he was an MP.

"He exemplifies the fact that the one nation Tory Party have shifted to the far right and is putting our city and country in danger.

"If the man was true to great British values and democratic principles he would stand down."

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage announced on Monday morning that his party would not be standing any candidates in the 317 seats the Conservatives won in 2017.

He said the party would instead fight against Labour candidates.