A PLAN to open a new brewery and taproom in a city marina has been backed after a number of objections were raised including by a neighbouring landlord.

The plan by Mark Kiely would see a boathouse in Diglis Basin, which has been empty for a number of years, converted into a brewery producing four beers at a time and a taproom only selling the beers produced.

The proposed opening hours would be 4pm to 11pm between Monday and Friday and 12pm to 11pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Beer could only be brewed between 9am and 5pm.

Mr Kiely said the new brewery would employ four full-time and six part-time staff.

A number of objections were made by neighbours, Marstons Brewery and by Anchor Inn landlord Nic Gibbons.

Nic Gibbons, who runs the pub in Diglis Road, formally objected to the plan saying the lack of car parking and the noise and odour from the brewery would have a negative effect on his pub and the rest of the marina.

He said the brewery only has plans for five car parking spaces in a very busy and congested area that is used by residents, workers and visitors in the city centre and marina.

Mr Gibbons said: “We and our employees struggle to get parking spaces at present day and night, as do a lot of our customers. This affects our trade currently and does put some customers off especially older customers off as they cannot walk longer than a short distance from their car.

“I can only foresee that the new application will only make matters worse."

Mr Gibbons said the lack of outdoor space would mean drinkers would be congregating on footpaths and outside residents in houseboats and the noise and smell from the brewery may stop people from enjoying the views from the pub’s garden.

Kate Jones of Medina House in Diglis Dock Road said: "I support this application as a local resident who has lived several years in the area. This building has always been empty and the proposal would give local residents an opportunity to meet with others which is something needed, without posing a threat or competition to other local businesses as it offers something different.

"There is sufficient off road parking in the area to cater for the needs of this new business, and many people would walk to it anyway, as they do to the Anchor."

There are no plans to sell food or to compete against neighbouring business selling food, according to the application.

Councillors agreed in May to increase the number of permanent residential moorings in Diglis Basin from 20 to 42.