REPORTER Grace Walton learnt all about Brazil and the Amazon rainforest after visiting the enthusiastic pupils from St George's C of E Primary School. I was warmly greeted by the year 5 children and class teacher, Claire Smith.

LAST term year 5 pupils studied Brazil as part of their geography curriculum. The topic was launched with a Brazil day which included a morning of Samba drumming and an afternoon dining out at Bodega in Worcester. This involved sampling South American cuisine and delicious mocktails to get a taster of the vibrant culture of Brazil.

Miss Smith said: “The children particularly enjoyed writing in the style of David Attenborough, creating 'voice-overs' for their documentary on the animals found in the Amazon.

“As a result of their research into the 'Lungs of the Earth' children were very concerned to find out about the current issues in the Amazon, particularly the fires. They felt there was more that could be done which prompted letters to President Bolsonaro."

She added: “We always try and link our curriculum to current affairs where possible. I think it’s really important that children are aware of current affairs.

“Some of the homework the children produced, demonstrated a real engagement with their learning - they went above and beyond. I'm really proud of the children for their engagement and enthusiasm throughout.”

The letters to President Bolsonaro hope to persuade him to take more action on the fires in the Amazon.

Nine-year-old pupil, Zack Ostick, put in his letter: “You are more interested in development than conservation. Your actions are irresponsible and appalling. You have children and grandchildren; Do you want them to grow up in a world that you have helped to destroy? The future generations won’t be able to undo the damage – but you can.”

Miss Smith said: “I’ve never read a letter quite as powerful as that. It blew my socks off really. It’s like Greta Thunberg in the making.

“Once we had studied all the animals in the rainforest and they had found out how beautiful it was, they fell in love with Brazil. Then when we moved on to what is happening, they were horrified and it prompted them to write like this.”

Carolina Viana, aged 9, also sent a letter in Portuguese to President Bolsonaro regarding the rainforest.

Annie Simons, 9 said: “I have enjoyed our Brazil day. We did some Samba drumming and then went to Bodega after for dinner.”

Zack Ostick said: “I hope I get a response from the letter as it took a long time to do. I roasted him.”