TWO plans to convert homes in St John's into "inappropriate" houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) look set to be approved despite significant criticism.

The plans to convert three-bed homes in Penhill Crescent and Windsor Avenue in St John's into four-bed HMOs go before council planners next week with the recommendation they are approved.

Councillor Richard Udall, who represents St John's, has called in both plans to Worcester City's Council planning committee as he feels they are inappropriate.

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Seven objections were formally raised by neighbours for the Penhill Crescent plan over concerns about parking and traffic congestion - particularly access for buses and fire engines and ambulances - as well as noise and anti-social behaviour.

Neighbours also said there were already too many HMOs in St John's and were concerned the character of the area was changing.

Christine Chandler of Penhill Crescent said: "I object to this application as the road already has to many houses that are multiple occupancy. The proposal of changing to a four bedroom house could possibly mean there may be four vehicles at this property. This will also exacerbate to the lack of parking and traffic congestion as buses, large vehicles and emergency services already have difficulty in getting through."

A total of ten objections were submitted by neighbours for the Windsor Avenue plan all with similar concerns.

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Alex McFee, who has lived in Windsor Avenue for more than 40 years, said parking had always been an issue and had only worsened with the introduction of more HMOs.

He said: "On many occasions the occupants, having invited a number of friends round for drinks before leaving for town after midnight, will party in and outside the front of the house.

"I have seen up to four taxis at one house after midnight, and they don't get in quietly, we then have the joys of their return home in the early hours."

There is a ten per cent limit for the number of HMOs allowed within a 100 metre radius.

Approving the Windsor Avenue plan would push the number of HMOs to the ten per cent limit and the Penhill Crescent plan would push the per cent to just over six per cent, planners at the city council said.

Worcester City Council's planning committee meets at 1.30pm in the Guildhall next Tuesday (November 21).