A FATHER carried out a sex act on himself in full view of a ‘shocked’ female student who could not believe her eyes and took a photo of him doing it.

Jonathon Musgrove carried out the sexual act, exposing his penis, while in the driver’s seat of his car in Oldbury Road, St John’s, Worcester.

The 27-year-old of Bicton Avenue, St Peter’s, Worcester, had already admitted outraging public decency when he appeared before magistrates in Worcester on Thursday to be sentenced.

The female student was walking along Oldbury Road in Worcester on October 10 this year at around 6pm when she saw a male in the driver’s side of a car with his penis exposed.

Nichola Ritchie, prosecuting, said: “She says she could not believe what she was seeing.”

The woman looked in the car window again and described how the male put his arms up to shoulder height in an ‘I’m innocent' pose.

Miss Ritchie said: “She took a picture of him as she walked away and reported the matter to the police. It shocked her. It was near a school and the university and members of the public often walk that way to get to the shops.”

Musgrove had one previous conviction from 2006 for an unrelated matter.

Judith Kenney, defending, said Musgrove had no intention of exposing his genitals and ‘no intention to insult any female.’

She said he had lost his £20,000 a year job, which he had held for three years, as a result of the last court hearing.

“He has lost his family. He has lost his relationship. He has lost access to his children. For him it’s complete and utter destruction of his life as he knew it” said Miss Kenney.

She added: “He’s very sorry. He’s devastated. He apologies profusely to the court and to the lady concerned.”

Miss Kenney added: "He’s held his hands up. In essence he’s a decent young man who basically, for a few moments, lost his way,” said Miss Kenney.

He is now living with his mum and in the process of applying for benefits. Miss Kenney said her client knew he was at risk of a custodial sentence.

Magistrates, who said the offence had already had ‘huge ramifications’ for the defendant’s life, imposed an 18 month community order to include 35 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 120 hours of unpaid work.

Musgrove must pay £60 costs and a £150 victim surcharge.