SIR – Worcester Highways obviously made a big mistake by closing lanes for no reason, there was no common sense or logic to what measures were put in place.

If they admitted that they had got it wrong and said that they have learnt from it that would be acceptable but the fact that they are trying to defend their incompetence and stupidity means they have learnt nothing and would quite happily bring Worcester to a standstill again.

If they were employed by a business then heads would certainly roll but because they are funded by the taxpayer then no one will be held accountable for sure.

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Maybe we should close some lanes today just in case a water main bursts.

All that money spent raising New Road in order to keep it open when the river is high not to mention the months of gridlock whilst the work was being carried out and then they close lanes causing absolute mayhem for hundreds of commuters.

Absolutely scandalous.