A HATE message sprayed on the city’s old Office Outlet building has been condemned.

A University of Worcester student, who did wish to named, spotted the graffiti, which said ‘Immigrants are invaders’, sprayed on doors leading into the Shrub Hill Retail Park unit on Saturday.

The 25-year-old final year Human Biology student called it “horrible to see” after she came across it on her way to the shops.

“It’s probably because it’s near where the mosque is – to aggravate people. It’s just to stir up hatred and be divisive because of the elections,” she said.

The graffiti appears to have been done using a template stencil and she was concerned it may have been sprayed elsewhere.

City mayor Allah Ditta said: “I condemn it. It’s obviously about them [those responsible] wanting a platform. We live in Worcester, it’s a place of harmony and control.”

He said “in all walks of life” you have a minority of people who want to try and damage the unity in a community. A city council spokesman said it’s on private land but due to the nature of the graffiti the Duckworth Worcestershire Trust was contacted to go clear it off. However, when they arrived it had already gone. Park owners, Savills, were unavailable for comment.