WORK on a new city footbridge has been delayed due to “recent poor weather,” the city council has said.

Broomhall Way footbridge was installed over the A4440 Crookbarrow Way in August as part of the Southern Link Road dualling project and was reportedly set to open this month.

However, St Peter's county councillor Steve Mackay has said “it seems the date has been put back for various reasons but the new ‘hoped for’ date” is December 15.

Posting in St Peters Community Group Facebook on Wednesday, the former city mayor said: “I know a number of residents have been asking about the opening of the Crookbarrow Way foot/cycle bridge. I queried this with [the county council’s] highways [department] today as we were originally told that it would likely be available for use in November.

“They are trying to get the ramps done by that date [December 15] as well but failing that they are apparently more confident of the span being ready by then. Let’s hope.”

The bridge, which is for pedestrians, mobility scooters, bikes and those on horseback, cannot be fully opened until it has not been connected to footpaths linking it to the surrounding area.

A spokesman from Worcestershire County Council said yesterday: “We are working hard to get the Crookbarrow Way Footbridge open as soon as we can.

“Work on this ramp has been slightly delayed due to the recent poor weather, however, we are working towards opening the bridge ahead of the ramp being operational.

“This will ensure that the bridge can be used as soon as possible with the official formal opening of the bridge taking place once the ramp is complete,” the spokesman continued.

Once fully complete, there will be three ways to access the bridge: the footpath through St Peters on the north side, the footpath leading from Brockhill Lane on the south side and a ramp that will enable access from Crookbarrow Way. The whole project is expected to be fully completed in 2021 with the dualling of the SLR between Junction 7 of the M5 and Powick Roundabout.