A CALL for “dramatic improvements” to cut long queues at the city’s main post office was withdrawn after a row over nationalisation.

Councillor Alan Amos slammed Labour councillors for “wrecking” his motion which called on council bosses to meet with the Post Office to deal with “unacceptably long queues” and “appalling service” at the main High Street post office in Worcester.

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Cllr Amos said his “perfectly sensible and necessary attempt” to address the problem was wrecked by Labour councillors turning it into an issue about nationalisation.

Cllr Richard Udall raised the closures of post offices in Dines Green, Lower Wick and Henwick Road and called the Cllr Amos’s decision to withdraw it “childish behaviour.”

“I said at the beginning of the motion that it was about drastically improving the service of this post office, nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else so it is despicable that the Labour Party chose to wreck it by playing these stupid party-political games,” said Cllr Amos.

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“The end result of all this is that the people of Worcester are the losers because the city council will not now be doing anything to deal with the excessive waiting times at our High Street post office.

Cllr Udall has since offered to work with Cllr Amos in drawing up a new motion which could highlight city-wide issues with the Post Office.

He said: “I would like to support and help local post offices, but the issue of post office closures is important to the people I represent in Dines Green, we want our post office back, but I accept it is not the only issue of concern about post offices in Worcester. We need to work together with Conservatives to find a solution, not sulk when we can’t get our own way.”