READERS have raised concerns after a woman spoke out after being trapped on Worcestershire Royal Hospital’s car park for 90 minutes.

Marianne Salmon said the key problems at the hospital's car park lead to a long wait on Tuesday night, with people waiting with expired tickets and heavy congestion on the hospital’s ring road, as cars leaving do not have the right of way on the first roundabout.

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Sue Taylor said: “It’s just not right my newborn Grandson was stuck in the car for an hour and a half just trying to get out of the car park on his first trip home.”

Hannah Taylor said: “The exact same happened to us when we were taking our newborn home in October. One hour and 30 minutes standstill.”

Gary Matthews said: “I was there Monday, one hour to get out. Ambulances - I saw three of them turn on blues and two’s, they had to give up couldn’t move, disgusting.”

Charlie Barrett said: “I was leaving for the first time with a newborn baby and had to wait in the hospital until traffic moved. It’s just awful, action needs taking urgently.”

Paula Arrow said: “I was stuck in a queue Tuesday at 4.40pm and never moved for over an hour. They need to have a better system, get rid of the barriers that will help cars exiting to merge quicker. The trust needs to address this parking fiasco as it’s also costing NHS thousands through missed appointments.”