SIR – Re the Lidl development on Droitwich Road. I attended the public meeting by Lidl under the direction of Ashfield Development Company, which rents the land to JVM casting.

They didn’t answer the two main queries put by those attending. Firstly, how would the ingress and egress to the Lidl site affect the traffic along the A38.

The second query, was put to the Lidl representative, why do we need another Lidl store on the north side of Worcester, especially as there is one less than a mile away?

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Looking at present development in this small area in the last year we have North Worcester Primary Academy, a much-needed school, but in the pipeline are the following plans either submitted or awaiting in the wings; all along one of the main arteries into Worcester, the A38 McDonald’s plans submitted, Lidl

plans submitted, Muslim cemetery, hockey centre finalising plans.

Don’t forget the land just sold by the city council (the old park and ride site) what will be built there?

Yet Cllr Andy Stafford says that there are concerns about increased traffic along the Droitwich Road.

Tell that to the residents and the commuters who already face daily congestion during peak times.

Finally, don’t forget we might just have Worcester City Football Club at Perdiswell thrown into the equation!

That is less than half-a-mile away.