SIR – This is a copy of a letter I sent to Wychavon District Council:

I object strongly to building more houses in the area of Tiddesley Wood. This ancient wood is a well-known SSSI site with many protected species living there.

More housing so close would bring enormous pressure on this precious wildlife from domestic animals getting loose and excessive use by humans, possible vandalism etc. The area of woodland has already been depleted in the past.

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I think this whole subject need a new mindset away from the usual developers idea of a quick buck. I appreciate that more housing space is needed. Question is how to achieve this without some of the mistakes of the past.

Why have the housing so close to the road? There could be more greenery between the road and housing, helping to protect homes from diesel and traffic noise pollution.

Also to create wild corridors for wildlife. Clever and varied design and layout could then include green areas between groups of houses.

Perhaps you could take the trouble to look at the Duchy of Cornwall’s new village.

I really do think more imagination is needed in providing new homes to make a more pleasant environment.

Something Pershore can be proud of instead of it becoming some urban sprawl like everywhere else.

Look at Evesham gobbling up the country as though land is in endless supply. How to we still grow our food here in famous vale?

Last year after the drought the environment agency said even car parks should have trees in them, where are they in our big car park?

We can now have solar tiles for the complete roof, why not make these compulsory/ the norm? Price is no excuse, to help the planet, besides the cost would soon come down with greater production as the original photovoltaic and panels did.

Then panels wouldn’t have to be retrofitted as they are now.