I EXPERIENCED a beautiful act of kindness this week.

You may remember that a week or so ago it was World Kindness Day. We seem to have days for everything now! And I suppose it is good that we remember and make a special effort.

But long after the Kindness Day had finished, kindness can go on.

I was in the middle of organising a baby funeral service for a lovely young mom who had lost her little one. It was really important that she got everything as perfect as she could for her baby.

It so happened that she wanted some orders of service printed… and she just could not find the thing she wanted. That was until a friend showed her one which she loved.

Trouble was that it wasn’t provided by the funeral director that she was using but by Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors in Redditch. And when I rang them, they could not have been more helpful.

Not only did they produce the order of service; but they did so free of charge; and they even delivered them to Worcester. So Mom got exactly what was needed to say farewell to her baby.

So, today I give a special “thank you” to Jo and all of the staff at Thomas Brothers who made this possible.

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I, too, had a random act of kindness at that funeral. I’d turned up in my motorbike gear, as I do; had changed and taken the funeral… which I hope I did to the best of my ability.

I’ve mentioned before how tough these funerals are to do emotionally (albeit nothing like the grief of the family).

After the funeral, I went into the vestry to get changed back for the ride to the hospital. And in my boot was a heart-shaped post it note which said: “Dear David, that was a tough one to do. Thinking of you!”

It was from my friend Fiona (a funeral civil celebrant), it cost her nothing but thoughtfulness and it meant so much to me.

That someone else was thinking of me and my situation made it that bit easier. So acts of kindness can come in all sorts of ways and by all sorts of people.