A CITY bar has come under fire for displaying an 'offensive, misogynistic' sign.

The message which included the offensive term used against women, has been widely condemned after a picture of it was posted on Twitter by the Worcestershire Mums Network.

The group tweeted: “Alexander’s promoting misogyny, victim blaming, rape culture in their bar.

“This is not OK - anyone should be free to dress, wear, and be whoever they want freely without being labelled for it.”

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Siani Driver, who founded the network, said she had heard the message had been on show at the New Street venue since November 1, explaining a group member had spotted it and highlighted it to her after popping in on Saturday night.

“It is simply not OK,” she said.

“I could imagine people going in and laughing about it, but it is objectifying women and how they dress.

"We want to be able to go out and feel safe, and not see this kind of thing.”

John-Paul Campion, West Mercia’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “I was disappointed to see the wording that has been displayed in the nightclub.

"It is completely unacceptable to degrade someone for what they choose to wear.

"I hope the nightclub will work with the police and other groups, such as victims charities, to learn from this and understand how a message like this can be portrayed.”

West Mercia Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (WMRSASC) tweeted: “This is just wrong. WMRSASC would support a code of conduct to prevent offensive messages like this.”

The Women’s Equality Party, called it “toxic” adding: “Oh my - they must really think it’s funny.”

And Rebecca Ingram tweeted: “Girls, time to boycott #alexanders.”

After seeing the post Worcester City councillor Louise Griffiths said: “I’ve reported this to Worcestershire Regulatory Services, to see if we can ask them to take it down, and it’ll be brought up at our chairman’s briefing with regulatory services and officers this week.”

Richard Udall, Worcester City Councillor, added: “I don’t believe it would be in breach of their license, but that does not make it right. Although I cannot force them to do so, I do now expect the management to take note of these concerns and remove this misogynistic sign.”

Alexander’s declined to comment, when approached by a reporter.

A year ago the Worcester News reported the city council had opted not to revoke the nightclub’s licence, despite West Mercia Police saying it had “no confidence” in Alexander's to effectively manage the venue and uphold its licensing objectives.