MAJOR work to demolish a row of shops and build affordable homes in a bid to revitalise an area plagued by anti-social behaviour is set to start.

Demolition of a row of shops in Rose Avenue in Tolladine has now been approved by Worcester City Council and looks set to start within the next couple of weeks.

The work would allow Fortis Living to push ahead with its plan to build 25 affordable homes and flats and a new row of shops which was approved by council planners in October 2018.

Fortis Living, who is behind the transformation, wants to revitalise the area after the rundown shops have become a breeding ground for anti-social behaviour.

The shops on both sides of Rose Avenue, most of which are empty and boarded up, would be replaced with nine homes and sixteen apartments as well as space for two shops and a takeaway under the plans.

Of the flats and apartments, five would be offered as shared ownership and the remaining 20 would be built for available for rent at an affordable price.

A nearby children’s play area - which has also seen many reports of drinking and drug taking by youths and warnings from police – would also be demolished to way make for the homes and not replaced.

Fortis said the building would be phased to allow for the remaining shops to stay open for business - meaning the shops will move into the empty buildings opposite until the new buildings are completed.

The development also includes two bungalows, each with two car parking spaces. Each house would also have two car parking spaces and each one bedroom apartment would get a car parking space.

Fortis said it expects the homes to be finished by early 2021.