THE reality of this general election is Brexit is hardly figuring.

Undoubtedly the reason we are in this position is because of Brexit and all the events that played out in parliament and Brussels.

But despite the government's attempts to put all focus on it, and Sky News even calling it "The Brexit Election", it just isn't.

The clue is in title, it is a general election.

Voters want to know what the parties are offering, what their plans are, and after a long period of austerity, how things will improve.

Watching the debate and the BBC Question Time special it was striking how many time Prime Minister Boris Johnson attempted to bring his slogan "Get Brexit Done", into as many answers as possible. It made sense when answering a Brexit related question, but on a subject like the NHS there were groans when the slogan was mentioned.

The truth is at this point we know where the parties stand on Brexit and people are sick of the subject.

The PM and Tories will be hoping their manifesto breaths life into a campaign which to me appears to be floundering.

'Get Brexit Done' is this election's 'Strong and Stable' - the Theresa May message on repeat during the 2017 campaign.

I can also see repeats of that campaign now in that polls, which are totally unreliable, are being taken as gospel.

My colleague Tom Banner wrote in his column last week that this election was simply about whether or not the Conservatives will get the seats they need for a majority.

The danger in believing the polls is you can get things very wrong.

Take for instance YouGov polls. Reportedly around only 2,000 people are questioned to get the sample that is then used to bring you the supposed truth of what a nation of millions really thinks.

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Who knows who these pollsters are asking and where they are, because the reality is it doesn't seem to be working.

Nothing should be based on a figure that low.

After 'shock' results in the last two elections, and the referendum result, how can anybody trust a poll ever again?

Be in no doubt this election really is all to play for, and the parties know it. There is still three weeks to go, and there is sure to be many twists and turns as we closer to the polling day.