REGULATORY inspectors will today visit a city centre restaurant after a stream of “sewage” water began leaking out of a yard to the rear of the premises.

Resident Neil Rayner was on his way home to Battenhall after leaving The Plough pub at midnight on Sunday when he spotted the sewage running out of Zizzi in Cathedral Square and into Deansway.

“It stinks and it’s a health risk,” said the 61-year-old chartered surveyor. “It was going right across the pavement and into the gutter.

“If I’d had a couple more pints I might have slipped in that.”

He said around six months ago he had noticed the same issue and reported it to the restaurant and then flagged it up on an online council feedback page.

“It’s external to the restaurant, at the rear. I don’t know if it was just happening then or if it does it all the time,” continued Mr Rayner. “It’s obviously from some kind of storage tank.

“It’s coming from the yard at the back of Zizzi’s, whether it’s their responsibility or not I don’t know. They have been made aware of it.”

He said the ‘river’ “could be smelt five or six metres away”.

Having posted photos to Facebook, Mr Rayner attracted the attention of city councillor Louise Griffiths, who said it was an issue for Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS).

The councillor said she had also reported the issue after coming across it on a night time economy walk.

However, a city council spokesman said WRS “have no record of a complaint” but will inspect the issue today.

Zizzi owner the Azzurri Group was unavailable for comment.