A THIEF broke into a city stonemasons and stole a collection tin containing nearly £100 for a memorial plaque raised by friends of a youth who died.

CCTV footage of the break-in at Stonemasons of Worcester Ltd in the early hours of Wednesday shows a man wearing desert army camouflage who is said to have swiped the money.

Owner Tom Adams described the thief as a “scumbag” and a “lowlife” and said he was carrying a crowbar and seemingly had two bags.

He said he appeared to head towards the St John’s area after fleeing the Hylton Road premises and going through the ETB car park.

The money raised via numerous charitable events had been given to the stonemasons to make the memorial plaque.

However, Mr Adams, 37, said he hadn’t had chance to take it to the bank before the break-in as much of it was in coins, though the plaque has been given to the friends regardless.

He said the theft took place around 4.45am and that the intruder had gained access to the back office but did not manage to steal anything else or get into the workshop.

“He broke in through the back office window and obviously clambered in and rummaged around in the cupboards...and found the cash tin,” said Mr Adams.

“The really sad thing is that a blue cash tin was taken which had money in that had been raised by a group of young people by doing charity events to raise funds for a memorial plaque for a friend who recently passed.”

He said the man in the CCTV is dressed in “very distinctive clothing” and “could be easily recognised”.

Mr Adams did not want to reveal who the group were that had raised the funds or the name of the youth who died.

Mr Adams yesterday thanked those who had shared his post about the theft on Facebook and said all information regarding the incident had been forwarded to police.

“It’s very reassuring that the majority of us are hard working decent people,” he said. “We very rarely have cash onsite and I can say with certainty that we definitely will not in future.

“Continue to keep your eyes and ears open as we haven’t got him yet, but with your help it’s possible.”

If you have any information, you should call police on 101 and quote reference 111S271119.