CLIENTS and staff from a brain injury charity are devastated following a break-in which has caused ‘costly damage.’

Headway Worcestershire’s building, also known as The Mill, was burgled on Thursday (November 28) evening.

Fundraising and marketing manager, Mandie Fitzgerald said: “This has not and will not impact on our care and support of our clients in Worcester. However, the costly damage and mess left behind impacts on us all at the charity.”

Miss Fitzgerald claims clients have been emotionally affected by the break-in, adding: “The clients are upset and quite traumatised by it all. You don’t expect a charity to be broken into.”

The thieves entered the building after breaking the fire door.

The building's walls and doors have been damaged, as well as the charity's safe where money was stolen.


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Miss Fitzgerald added: “Desk drawers were pried open. Even postage stamps have been stolen. I sometimes work until late, but I won’t be doing that now. It has just made us all more wary.”

The charity is set to install extra security lights and cameras outside the building.

Gemma Timmis said: “We’re devastated that thieves would do this to our wonderful charity. They must have been truly desperate; I hope it was worth the damage and loss that they’ve caused us.”

Miss Fitzgerald added: “If anybody can support us to replace our doors and help restore the damage it would be appreciated.

“Thank you to the local community for their support and the police for being so prompt.”

If you saw anything, contact the police on 101 and quote crime reference number 22-111670-19.