The weather’s got to me and I’m suffering. Badly.

Still, my duties as mayor come first, and the pleasures they afford me make it all worthwhile. least as so much revolves around that wonderful time at Christmas, that’s celebrated by we Muslims too!

I was extra-busy in the middle of the week with a meeting about my forthcoming Charity Tea-Party in the cathedral, taking place on election day. I’m hoping many of you can come.

Later I presented a cheque to Hollymount School whose pupils designed this year’s Mayor’s Christmas card. That was followed by the highlight of any calendar: switching on the Christmas lights. They were linked to the cathedral’s lights in an impressive ‘first’ for Worcester, and the impressive turnout of more than 5,000 of you made the occasion even more special.

After greeting students from Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic college and a tour of the Guildhall the next day, it was a mad dash to Stourport for the traditional Three Kings Parade and walkabout – from which I picked-up a few useful pointers to make next year’s Worcester event even more impressive.

I was enchanted, too, by the switching-on of Bromyard’s Christmas lights and candlelit parade through the town in the splendid company of Mayor Roger Page.

That it coincided with the anniversary of Worcester Lions’ 50th Charter, celebrated at the County Cricket Club, made Saturday hugely memorable – although by now I was starting to feel distinctly unwell: grateful that Sunday was one of those rare occasions: an event-free day.

A very welcome spiritual lift came my way on Monday with the opening of a family mediation and counselling service, the Centre of Resolution, run by a truly remarkable man; a well-deserved presentation to the Salvation Army’s Anthony Bullock; and greeting a lady football team from Palestine.

This all led up to the opening of the Victorian Fayre on Thursday.