"UNREQUITED love" caused a man to harass his ex-girlfriend, bombarding her with messages and phone calls.

Henry Johns, of Caravan Park, Hinton pleaded guilty at Worcester Magistrates Court to charges of harassment after repeatedly contacting the woman in a number of ways, as well as charges of being drunk and disorderly in a public place, possession of cannabis and assaulting a police officer.

Prosecuting, Lesley Ashton said: "The harassment relates to a woman he had been in a relationship with. It ended in July this year. She said after the end of the relationship she has been contacted by the defendant in a number of ways. She made it clear that the continued contact was unwanted."

"On July 30 Johns sent friend requests to her family members on Facebook despite the fact he has never met them"

The court heard that Johns bumped into the woman on one occasion and tried to speak to her. This was followed by telephone calls, text messages and messages on social media. Between August 2 and August 8 she received at least 37 messages from him. Police were shown call logs that showed he called her 512 times between August 2 and 16.

Defending, David Howarth said the harassment was a case of "unrequited love" but said Johns "accepts the relationship is over."

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Also, in relation to the drunk and disorderly charge, police officers arrived at Marilyn's Nightclub on on August 17 to deal with Johns who was being obstructive to staff and had been asked to leave the premises. He squared up to police officers and shouted at them before being arrested. In police custody he was found to have a small quantity of cannabis.

Ms Ashton said: "He became aggressive during the booking in procedure. He was placed into rip-proof clothing and placed into a cell. The detention officers started to remove his clothing and he spat at a police constable. He then apologised to the officer."

Mr Howarth said Johns has also apologised to the officer since the incident.

Johns was fined £385 in total and given a restraining order preventing him from contacting the female victim.