ENVIRONMENTAL protestors took control of a car park for a “Green Friday” demonstration.

Members of the Malvern Hills Extinction Rebellion branch took over the car park at the Morrisons branch in Roman Way as a counter to the Black Friday shopping event.

The group met in Newtown Road in Malvern before walking down Worcester Road to the Malvern Retail Park.

Once there they gathered to sing carols and hand out mince pies to shoppers and drivers stuck in traffic.

Johnny Burks, from the group, said: “The truth is, our government has a woeful record on the environment.

“Shoppers will sit in long traffic queues on Black Friday because of the lack of investment in green transport.

“They will have little choice but to buy cheap plastic toys for their children because the government won’t ban single use plastics.

“With better leadership it would be so much easier for us all to shop more greenly for Christmas.

“That’s the greatest gift we can give our children this year: a future that is not blighted by climate collapse”

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While in position, the group sang Christmas carols with an alternative, environmental set of lyrics such as “We wish you a greener Christmas” to raise awareness of climate change.

The Green Friday protest was organised as part of the second global climate strike led by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

The previous global strike in September saw Worcester Bridge blocked off by protestors who held up traffic in the city for most of the morning.

At the same time there were similar demonstrations in Malvern, with Extinction Rebellion members marching through the town.

The Malvern Hills branch of Extinction Rebellion has been one of the most active groups, taking part in local and national demonstrations.

Earlier this year, members of the group travelled to Bristol, blocking roads in protest against what they say is government inaction on climate change.

They also staged a "die-in" in the centre of Malvern in addition to submitting an open letter to Worcestershire County Council demanding they impose a climate emergency and commit to becoming carbon neutral by 2035, instead of the normal deadline of 2050 set by most local authorities.