COLD weather is certainly here and many people choose to stay indoors to keep warm by the fire, enjoying warm soup or drink.

There are many favourite soup, from home-made to shop bought from around the world.

And you cannot be a nice cuppa at this time of the year or a hot chocolate at the recent Worcester Victorian Christmas Fayre.

We asked Worcester News readers for their favourites soups and hot drinks and this is what they had to say.

Fiona Munn Love said: “Homemade soups of any sort but...Heinz tomato is a comfort taste of childhood.

“Hot drink mulled wine, too.”

Jan Lloyd said: “Homemade mushroom soup.”

Jane Bagley said: “Leek and potato or chicken noodle soup, but only homemade.”

Amy Elizabeth Rowberry said: “Tomato soup with crusty tiger bread and a mug of Horlick.”

Julie Smith said: “My stew and dumplings for this cold weather.”

Katie Moon said: “Got to be roasted red pepper, sweet potato and tomato soup, along with a big cup of Lady Grey tea.”

Su Jackson said: “Onion Soup, cauliflower cheese soup, butternut squash and sage soup - all homemade.”

Nicki Jones said: “Stew and oxtail soup.”

Ann Watkins said: “Curried parsnip.”

Tom Phillips said: “Hot chocolate or Horlicks at home - it’s getting Baltic out there.”

Sally Hudson said: "Costa's Black Forest Gateau hot choc."

Rosie Butcher said: "Broccoli and Stilton soup."

Barry Graham said: "Oxtail and liver soup."

Mitchell Mario Maz said: "My pizza soup."

Morgan Grace said: "Any soup from Cafe Viaduct.

"They have the best spicy vegetable soup you’ll ever taste."

Cat Roberts said: "Carrot and sweet potato soup."

Britain's favourite soup is tomato, ahead of potato and leek, according to a YouGov poll.

In the USA, Manhattan Clam Chowder is the favourite.

Polish people prefer Borscht, main with beetroot as one of the main ingredients.

Miso soup is a favourite in Japan, consisting of a stock called "dashi" into which softened miso paste is mixed.

Evidence has been found of soup being consumed as far back as 20,000BC.