IT was wonderful to see the joyful faces of children and the young at heart when Santa came to visit at the weekend.

He looked remarkably refreshed after travelling over a 1000 miles from Lapland and if he was tired he certainly didn't show it.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for everyone.

When Santa arrived in Worcester yesterday, kids were spellbound and adults seems to also suspend their disbelief, their inner child coming to the surface, living in the moment, just like watching a film.

Kids took it in turns sitting next to Santa, telling him what they wanted for Christmas.

Elderly people joined in with elves as they circled his sleigh, as they took them by the band.

Why can't life he like this all the time?

Shop workers stopped what they were doing as he passed, waving.

He was shepherded by security staff from the Crowngate Shopping Centre but the event passed without issue which I applaud to as they would have been nothing worse that him being heckled.