ANOTHER year is almost over and crowds have visited the annual Worcester Victorian Christmas Fayre.

I’ve spent some time over the weekend period, visiting the fayre and I was so impressed to see many visitors - some visiting from outside the county - enjoying themselves with smiles all around, despite the weather and slow-moving crowd.

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This is my first time attending the event in Worcester and it is certainly on par with the much-talked about Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham.

Why travel so far and get on a congested train when it’s right here on your doorstep?

With many horrific events having taken place in the city as well as nationally over the last couple of days, it’s nice to see a busy but relaxing atmosphere.

Chatting with stall holders it’s good to see a positive vibe with fair prices on offer (mostly), no doubt giving a boost to the small business owners over the four days.

I managed to sample Churros - a sausage-shaped donut covered in sugar and cinnamon - delicious and difficult to get in Worcester at any other time of the year.

Eating them reminded me of what a diverse city Worcester is and this is something we should all be proud of, with political rhetoric attempting to divide all of us.

We should all stand proud, respecting our differences and all live together in harmony.

I noticed members of the community who were wheelchair users moving easily around the fayre, which is wonderful to see, at the fayre took place all at street level.

Waiting in line at stalls and to use the toilet facilities, conversations were seen to be struck-up by one another, with everyone in good spirits (could it be the alcohol on offer?) and exchanging pleasantries.

I didn’t notice an overt police presence but security personnel were scanning the visitors for signs of trouble.

It’s important to support small business owners such as these stall holders, particularly during this uncertain time around Brexit and the annual fayre brings a vital boost to the local economy.

Next year will be Worcester Victorian Christmas Fayre’s 28th year and long may it continue and I hope it’s even bigger.