MALVERN Link traders took matters into their own hands when it came to providing a Christmas tree this year - and the result is now visible for everyone to see.

The Christmas tree has been erected at the old water feature on the corner of Worcester Road and Richmond Road.

Artist and gardener Phil Ironside designed and built a structure from traditional willow withies.

And then fellow well-dresser and community-spirited owner of The Wool Shack in Worcester Road, Karen Matthews, helped by an army of local knitters, decorated it using hundreds of festive pompoms and lights.”

Mrs Matthews said: “We really wanted a Christmas tree this year.

“Our previous project to decorate the post box made so many people smile that we decided to make our own.

“Lots of people in the community have made pompoms and delivered them to the shop, it’s been great fun.”

Mr Ironside said: “It’s amazing when there is a will and a sense of purpose and fun, how easy it is to get things done by our great community and to bring a smile to people’s faces. Thanks to everyone who helped.

“On such a cold day it was warming to hear so many words of thanks for our efforts from passers-by whilst putting the structure up and numerous times since.”

Link resident Dave Macleod said: “Our own 2019 Christmas Tree in the centre of Malvern Link. Surely all who see this great example of local community spirit here in the Link must walk away with a smile on their face.

“What a great way to start Christmas, and to celebrate that our community’s spirit is alive and well. Thanks to all who helped make it happen.”