A PUB which has been refurbished in Worcester has re-opened its doors to the community.

The Goodrest Tavern in Barker Street opened its doors after closing for a month due to renovation.

Craig Davis, who is running the pub, says customers have responded positively to the opening.

Mr Davis, from Worcester, said: “It’s been really good and has had a positive response.

“It’s a difficult time for pubs to be honest so everyone has been really supportive.”

Mr Davis, aged 46, has been in the industry for around 10 years.

His grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at The Goodrest Tavern and his family have been customers there for years.

He said: “I have known the pub all my life and have always lived a mile or two away from it.”

The pub was left without a landlord in November 2017, however the pub’s future was secured when Hawthorne Leisure and NewRiver took over the site and brought it back to life.


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David Stallard, business development manager for Hawthorne Leisure, said: “The pub’s opening was fantastic.

“We have had old customers returning to the pub and also new customers joining us.

“The whole community has come together – it is a real community pub.

“We wanted the pub to remain a central part of the community, so we needed it to be up-to-date.

“It’s not only a drinking pub, but it’s also popular with families.”

Following the opening on November 22, the pub offers a variety of games to its customers. These include darts, dominoes, skittles, pool and crib.

In the future, Mr Davis hopes to host live entertainment and also outdoor events in the garden.

Mr Stallard, aged 51 said: “Our tenant Craig has been amazing and has done a fantastic job.

“We feel like we have created a community pub and we’re going from strength to strength.

“When Craig took the pub over 18 months ago it had been shut for some time. A lot of the credit should go to Craig.”