A DAD has been barred from a pub after he claims he made a complaint over being asked to move tables during lunch with his family.

Michal Ostrowski, from Warndon, claims he was asked to move tables while eating his meal at Bluebell Farm because the table was reserved for other customers.

However, he claims there was no sign on the table suggesting that it was reserved.

He made a complaint to the pub, in Horn Hill Road, and was then told he was banned from it.

Mr Ostrowski, aged 41 said: “What upset me was the reply to my complaint. It’s unacceptable. I feel angry. It’s unfair treatment against me.

“This meant we lost a nice family lunch and the kids were unhappy and they didn’t understand why we had to leave.

“It’s the first time I’ve been barred.

“I shouldn’t have been treated like that. I was not abusive; I hadn’t been drinking as we had the kids with us, and we left the premises quietly.”

Mr Ostrowski claims he lost nearly £70, as the family decided to leave part-way through the meal after being asked to move.


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He said he was offered another table, however it was the opposite side of the pub.

He added: “We didn’t want to move over there during our meal.

“The kids were playing in the children’s playing area and they were confused.”

Nigel Anderton, business development manager, replied to Mr Ostrowski’s complaint over email.

He said: “Having thoroughly investigated this matter, I am satisfied that issues of this nature are most appropriately decided at local level by the Licensee, who in this instance, confirms that you are barred from the premises and will not be permitted to enter the Bluebell Farm (Worcester) in future.

“Subject to not discriminating against customers on grounds of race, sex or disability, a Licensee has total discretion over who is allowed to enter the premises... and who is asked to leave.

“We do not intend to discuss the issue further or make any additional comments in this respect...”

Mr Ostrowski and his family visited the Worcester pub on September 28. He made the complaint on September 30 and claims he received the response from Mr Anderton on November 9.

A spokesman for Bluebell Farm said: “We do not tolerate any form of anti-social behaviour on our premises and whilst it would not be appropriate to comment on individual cases, taking the steps to bar a person from the pub is not taken lightly.”