A HOMELESS man and persistent offender has been made the subject of another criminal behaviour order (CBO) that bans him from begging.

Benjamin Kreisler, 34, who sleeps rough in Worcester, had been expected to contest the CBO application when the case was heard at Worcester Magistrates Court yesterday.

The CBO application was originally made following Kreisler's conviction in October for the use of threatening, abusive, insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress, begging in a public place and violent disorder at a police station.

After Kreisler, of no fixed address, was not produced from prison at the first hearing the case was adjourned until yesterday.

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At the start of Friday's hearing, Kreisler was brought up from the cells to the dock as it emerged, after being released in November, Kreisler had been recalled after alleged reoffending.

Mark Johnson, prosecuting, told magistrates that the application was no longer being contested as both parties, the crown and Kreisler's defence team, had "come to a conclusion" on terms for the CBO that were considered appropriate.

Mr Johnson said the order had to satisfy certain criteria including that magistrates had evidence of the behaviour to warrant it being made and that it would assist the subject in helping to prevent the behaviour in the future.

Mr Johnson said an offence at St George's Catholic Church "would be evidence of that alone - but there are a number of other examples that have been provided".

In April 2016, Kreisler was given a two year criminal behaviour order (CBO), that banned him from a number of city locations including Crowngate Shopping Centre and Broad Street.

Mr Johnson said that order was only breached 12 times, saying that was quite good for an order of this type, and that would show Kreisler would comply with another one.

Mr Johnson added: "The style of behaviour is having a very negative impact on the community, and has been going on for a considerable period."

Susie Duncan, for Kreisler, argued that there was a dispute over the length the order should be in place for, as she argued it should be two years and the crown wanted it to be three years.

Miss Duncan told magistrates: "He did quite well (on the previous order). So I hope you would think two years is sufficient."

After a short deliberation Andrew Greenway, chairman of the magistrates bench, said: "We are in agreement with the order as laid out and our view is it should be three years.

"As you have heard you will be subject to a criminal behaviour order.

"You have had one before, you know how they work."

The order, which is now in effect, contains five prohibitions:

1. Not to use foul, abusive or insulting words or behaviour towards anyone or in the hearing of anyone who would be caused or likely to be caused alarm, harassment or distress.

2. Not to beg or sit in any place for the purpose of begging and/or asking people for money.

3. Not to refuse to leave a premises or area when asked by someone who has the authority to do so.

4. Not to enter McDonald's, Foregate Street.

5. Not to enter St Georges Catholic Church, Sansome Place, Worcester or be on any of its grounds.