WORCESTER’S former Brexit Party candidate has vowed to “Keep Boris Honest” and ensure the country leaves the European Union by the end of next year.

Martin Potter, who was due to stand as parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in Worcester at next Thursday’s election, was controversially withdrawn by leader Nigel Farage as part of his promise to not stand candidates in Conservative-held seats.

Mr Potter, who is now standing as an independent candidate, said he would continue to stand as Conservative leader Boris Johnson had only committed to supporting the withdrawal deal passed in October which was essentially Theresa May’s ‘Brexit-in-Name Only’ deal.

He said: “Boris Johnson has only committed his candidates to support the deal passed in October, makes no mention of savings from EU budget contributions in his manifesto and talks only of 3 years until any other trade deals are completed.

“These both suggest ongoing regulatory alignment and payments to the EU.

“Thus, Boris’s deal is still essentially Theresa May’s Brexit-in-Name Only deal.

“I stand committed to Keep Boris Honest relative to leaving the EU’s single market, customs union and judicial framework by the end of next year.”

Mr Potter said the issue of trust was an important aspect of the election and politicians needed to start re-earning the public’s trust.

He said: “The national debt stands at £1.8 trillion, rising from 34 per cent to 85 per cent of GDP since the early 2000s, during which time we have never run a budget surplus.

“Yet the main parties keep falling over themselves making promises which will require much more borrowing.

“Labour plans to borrow £400 billion and the cost of nationalisation which would be another £200 billion plus.

Mr Potter, who has had careers in finance and business for more than 30 years including 15 years in other European countries, said: “Since joining the single market in 1993 our trade balance with other EU countries has deteriorated from around break-even to minus £64 billion in 2018.

“Debt would rise to levels not seen since post-war austerity and budget surpluses were required to pay off war debt.

“Greek levels of debt now beckon. Loading this debt and interest onto future generations is immoral. We need an affordable spending plan, including using savings from EU contributions, cancelling HS2 and halving the international aid budget.

“We need a proper Brexit to re-orient our trade policy towards where we thrive, and bring back some of the 1.8 million manufacturing jobs that have been lost, including jobs to Worcester."