LIBERAL DEMOCRAT candidate Stephen Kearney has urged the city to vote for him if they want to see 'real' change and said the other parties have had their chance and failed.

Mr Kearney said successive Labour and Conservative governments had not solved the basic problems the city faces and it was only the Liberal Democrats who could offer "real change" and stop the country from falling behind.

He said: "Our country needs change – at a national and local level.

"The Liberal Democrats offer real change, backed by a realistic budget, that will give the UK and the people of Worcester greater support and opportunities than ever before.

"Labour and Conservative both had opportunities to deliver change - and failed.

"We have more homeless, people in corridors at our hospital and a failing traffic system.

"We are stagnating and falling behind our nearest cities in growth and prosperity.

Mr Kearney, who is a Remainer, said the country's current deal is the best one and nobody had voted for reduced incomes or fewer doctors.

"Conservatives are lying about Brexit getting done. Brexit has only just begun," he said.

"I want to Remain because the best deal is the one we have. No one voted for years of negotiation, reduced family income, fewer doctors and nurses, or for this Tory deal, which will impoverish the many and enrich the few.

"If we win outright, we revoke. If not, we continue to call for a People’s Vote.

However, Mr Kearney said the election was not just about Brexit.

He said: "It’s about our nation, and the people we want to be. I urge people to vote for the change they want to see – if we don’t take a stand we will become like America, two extreme parties, serving themselves not the people.

"Let me serve you – vote for change and vote for growth."

Mr Kearney, who grew up in Worcester and went to school in Droitwich, said his heart is in the city and he wants it to thrive.

"I stand for a different politics, to bring a brighter future to the city and opportunities for future generations," he said.

"I am committed to a progressive politics, sustainable business development and cross-party collaborations that protect our young, weak and vulnerable citizens, tackle the climate emergency by bringing investment into new green business and infrastructure - that so many people are calling for - and restoring our public services for the good of all.

"Together we can change the way Worcester works – for good."