LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn has visited Worcester this evening, making pledges to invest in the NHS to support Worcestershire Royal Hospital, support Waspi women, and adding that the city seat and this election "is winnable".

The Leader of the Opposition was on a tour of a number of constituencies today ahead of polling day this Thursday, and stopped off at Croft Road car park to speak to a crowd of over 1,000 that had gathered.

On arrival in the campaign bus, carrying the party's slogan "It's time for real change" on its side, he was cheered by the crowd.

Throughout the rally crowds cheered for the leader and chanted "Not for Sale" when the NHS was mentioned, and the "Oh Jeremy Corbyn" chant, popular among supporters, was repeated.

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Labour has announced a policy to compensate some of the women who lost out as a result of changes to the pension age, known as Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi) and some of the women affected were welcomed to the stage.

Mr Corbyn told the crowd: "We have made a very clear commitment that we will right some, if not all of the wrongs of the past.

"One of them is the disgraceful way the Waspi women were treated by this government. 

"We owe them a moral debt."

Mr Corbyn supported Labour's candidate, Lynn Denham, who earlier had told the crowd she wanted to be the city's first female MP. 

Speaking afterwards to the press Mr Corbyn said that the "terrible situation" at Worcestershire Royal Hospital was "sadly not unusual" and pledged, if Labour win on Friday, they would immediately be putting money into the NHS "for the staff shortages and the bed shortages that exist".

"We would put £26billion into the NHS to make sure it is properly funded - I think it is the right thing to do," he said.

Asked if Worcester, which has been held by the Conservatives since 2010, could switch to Labour this week, Mr Corbyn replied that marginal seats like Worcester were obviously very important, adding "I think we are going to win it".

He told the Worcester News: "It (this seat and the election) is absolutely on (for the win).

"We are campaigning flat out, huge levels of support, huge levels of enthusiasm, and particularly amongst older people who realise the NHS is at risk in this election, and also young people who want hope that they can get the education they deserve without going into 50k of debt".