A WEBSITE which claims to show how school funding would change under the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats has been accused of political bias.

Schoolcuts.org.uk shows how each political party’s manifesto would affect each Worcestershire school’s funding per pupil in 2020 compared to 2015.

However, the website - which is supported by a coalition of unions, including the National Education Union (NEU) - has been called politically biased.

Conservative parliamentary candidate for Worcester, Robin Walker said: “The school cuts website is a front for the Labour Party organised by labour affiliated trade unions and their figures have been criticised by the UK statistics watchdog as being inaccurate and misleading.

"I am afraid that the Schoolcuts website is not a politically unbiased organisation and as such their statements should be treated with appropriate caution.

“Schoolcuts have routinely misled the public by overstating the inflation figures used to calculate real terms changes and they misrepresented Labour’s position in the 2015 election when they promised to increase school funding by inflation but not by the growth in pupil numbers.”

Mr Walker added: “The growth in pupil numbers since 2015 has been faster than the rate of inflation and therefore the Conservative proposals have actually provided more funding to schools than the labour proposals at the time. We have protected school funding in real terms and provided vital reforms in terms of fairer funding.”

Dan Boatright, a geography teacher and campaign manager for the Liberal Democrat candidate for West Worcestershire, Beverley Nielsen, said: “I am currently a member of the NEU but will be cancelling my membership as this website is wholly inaccurate.

"While I understand that cuts have been horrible, this website has a clear political motive and refuses to show how it has been calculated. I am furious as a teacher. I know what happens day in and day out.”

A NEU spokesman said: “We categorically reject any allegation that the School Cuts website is either inaccurate or Labour driven. We are not campaigning for the Labour Party.

“We can be very sure of funding projections for 2020. The Government have published their school allocations, so we know with certainty what the Conservatives are doing. The Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos also give a very clear basis on which to make a projection for 2020. “The fact that we ran this campaign in 2017 means that all political parties have offered more for education in this election than they did in the last. We are pleased with this.

“Our aim is to lift education up the political agenda, and we are pleased with our efforts to achieve this.”