AFTER what has been a pretty quiet election campaign the picture of a four-year-old boy with suspected pneumonia, being forced to sleep on a hospital treatment room floor, seemed to set fire to this election.

Jack was photographed lying on a pile of coats and with an oxygen mask at Leeds General Infirmary last week, which led desperate mum Sarah Williment to highlight the story in the national press.

The story was damaging for Prime Minister Boris Johnson who was later asked about the photograph in an interview with ITV News political correspondent Joe Pike, but he refused to look at it.

He then took the phone from the journalist and put it in his pocket, before eventually looking at it and giving a general comment about the party's plan for the NHS.

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It was not a good look for the PM who was criticised for a lack of empathy in his handling of the issue.

Conservative Campaign Headquarters attempted to underdone the damage by quickly sending the Health Secretary Matt Hancock to the hospital, in a damage limitation exercise.

Meanwhile by the time Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had arrived in Worcester, he was looking to highlight the issue mentioning it in the speech to the crowd and in interviews.

Who knows what, if any, the impact will be of this in the run up to the election, but either way who ever wins on Friday will need to do something about an NHS in crisis.

I know comments quickly fill up on my fair points but surely on this everyone can agree - the NHS has to be properly funded and be ready if any of us was to ever fall ill.

When we are one of the richest countries in the world something is going badly wrong when it is not able to cope.

Hard working doctors, nurses and NHS staff have had to cope with years of underinvestment as a knock on effect from austerity and like I say, whoever is in power after this election needs to turn this around.

And I don't mean "Fiddling while Rome burns" type action.

• I should add one other thing - this Thursday get to your polling station, vote, and be part of the democratic process.

Whoever you intend to vote for, make sure you have your say - there potentially might not be another election until 2024.