FOR today’s In the Classroom feature, reporter Grace Walton talks about her experience after visiting Nunnery Wood High School, in Worcester, and seeing all the extra-curricular activities on offer.

THE school, in Spetchley Road, offers a host of clubs to its students – from the Cake Debate Club, Fitness groups, Politics and Young Voices.

Bee Speechley, associate assistant headteacher, said: “We are very keen to provide all students with opportunities beyond the classroom and take account of all their interests.

“There really is something for everybody - every day, every lunchtime and after school. We encourage our students to get involved in the clubs that are on offer.

“There’s no financial implication to them – they just need to turn up.”


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The Cake Debate Club is held weekly and is open for students in year 7 to year 11. The group involves students who love to debate and love cake - they take it turns to bake cakes and each week the debate topic is changed.

The topic is known in advance so that some students can prepare and research, but this doesn't always happen - sometimes it is decided there and then.

Sophie Endacott, who runs the club, said: “In the past we have debated serious issues such as: everyone has a moral duty to vaccinate their children no matter what their beliefs. We have also debated fun topics such as mint and chocolate flavour should never go together.”

Louis Whittington is a PE teacher and also runs a rugby club for boys in years 7 to 10.

He said: “Rugby training allows me to coach students in a different environment where they can improve and learn advanced skills and tactics for their own personal development, for either school or club games.

“We deliver rugby training to year 7, 8, 9 and 10. We have also made links with Worcester Warriors where one of the community coaches come in each week and deliver high quality rugby.”

The food and nutrition department runs a STEM food club in which students learn the science behind cooking and get to explore a range of different methods and techniques in addition to learning about the science behind preparing healthy food and the impact that a good diet has on the body.

A variety of dance clubs are also on offer which are ran by Hollie Sharpe and dance leaders throughout the week.

Three groups run on a Wednesday after school where over 70 pupils attend. They are taught choreography for the school musical, The Addams Family.

A boy’s street dance group takes place every Thursday after school. Boys in year 7 to 9 learn street dance genres of dance including popping, locking, break dance and animation.

Every night after school there are year 11 GCSE dance choreography sessions where the dancers work with their dancers choreographing their GCSE exam pieces.