AS STRICTLY Come Dancing is nearing its final for this season, let me tell you what i dislike the show so much.

Now, I love dancing as an art form and the pro dancers certainly know their stuff and seems fairly down to earth.

I have a problem with the judges and the ‘celebrities’ taking part.

Craig Revel Horwood with his ‘darrllling’ comments gets on my wick.

Surely the show is about the dancers and not a vanity project for him?

Bruno Tonioli - will he just keep his bottom firmly planted to his seat instead of trying to mount the desk - I’m all for self-expression but he’s really over the top.

Motshegetsi “Motsi” Mabuse - I find her the best of a bad bunch in terms of the judging panel with balanced comments and her other female judge, Shirley Annette Ballas is down to earth.

The audience boo at any comment with the slightest criticism laced within it and they seem to live in a bubble, which really winds me up.

‘Celebrities’ on the most part, put their heart and soul into their performances but I find the expressions fake, particularly when they get interviewed at the end of the dance.

It’s clear to see the others in the background get told to scream and generally make a fool of themselves all the for the pleasure of the tv audience.

Dance should be about self expression and I don’t think it has a place on a television show, where the audience at home have a hand in the voting process, which can really flip the votes cast by the judges.

This often leads to people voting for the person with the biggest sob story or who makes everyone laugh rather than judging someone purely on their dancing prowess.

How they are judged reminds me of how Christians were treated in Rome, being fed to the lions, their fate raising on someone’s whim.

I also find these types of shows patronising to people who pay their BBC Licence fees as it's just mindless drivel.

I can’t wait until the show is off our screens for good.

Until then, Ill keep watching Netflix.