A GENEROUS schoolboy used his own birthday money to buy a large amount of food for the Worcester Foodbank.

Haydon Waldey, aged 14, has been praised for his generous donation to his schools tinned food drive, which was inspired by his family's use of a foodbank previously.

Proud mum, Katrina Davis, 34, said: “He has used his own money to order almost 400 food items for the foodbank, he did it all himself, I had no idea he was planning to use his birthday money this way. I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

“We have hit struggles in the past and the foodbank has helped us as a family. Haydon has been aware of this and said he wants to give back. It’s in his nature to help others, he is such a sweet boy, it is so lovely to see.” He also offers to help after school, he’s always staying behind to litter pick or help teachers. He does all these brilliant things without a second thought and never expects any recognition or anything. I want him to know how proud we are of him; we think he is fantastic.”

“Teenagers often get tarnished with the same brush, but Haydon is proof that there are good kids out there that just want to do good. He dreams of being a police officer and has already handed in his application for the police cadets.”

Haydon, who spent £30 on the tins, often gives food and drink to the homeless and volunteers to litter pick every day after school.

The aspiring police officer, who attends Bishop Perowne high school, said: “At Christmas some families will struggle to buy both food and gifts, it can be a hard time of year for people less fortunate then us.”

“Some people think I have gone a bit overboard, but I just love helping people.” Haydon handed over his tins to the school collection.

Bishop Perowne headteacher Mark Pollard said: “What started as something relatively small has become an amazing project thanks to the work of students and staff really getting behind the idea.Haydon has done an amazing job in adding to the already sizeable collection; he is a fantastic young man who is so community minded. I am so proud of everyone involved; it really demonstrates our endeavour forever spirit.” The school's food drive has collected 1,387 in 13 days. Organiser, Erin Butler said: “I am so very proud of the enthusiasm and love shown by the children, it is really heartwarming to see. It is bringing the community closer together”