A COUPLE who run YouTube content for the Wolverhampton Wanderers football club are auctioning off hyper-realistic paintings, signed by premier league players, to raise money for charity.

Luke Bodily and Laura Heath, who live in Warndon, came up with the idea as a way to give back to the club.

Artist Laura, 18, paints her realistic black and white portraits sat on her living room floor.

Luke, 23, said: “I wanted to give back to the club, my partner, Laura, is a very gifted artist so it made sense for her to paint a picture of the players.

“Since then the paintings have taken off, all the players loved them, and my viewers all wanted one for themselves.

Mr Bodily has been creating online content for the Wolves for almost a year and helps raise money for the WWFC Foundation.

Ms Heath said: “I can’t believe how much this has taken off; people have stopped us on the way to matches and offered us hundreds of pounds for my paintings. I am so happy that the charity will benefit from our auction, me and Luke know what it is like to struggle financially and we really want to give back to those in need. The whole experience has been so positive, I am really excited for the future.”

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The entrepreneurs already have two signed originals. They are waiting until the end of the season in May 2020 before organising a big online auction for charity.

Meanwhile, Mr Bodily is building a website for their new company, Premier Prints. The prints are available to order on Twitter at @PlayWolves and some are already up for sale in The Cabin on Trinity Street.