A HEADTEACHER is appealing for money to renovate his school after some of its rooms were damaged by floods.

The soft playroom and multi-sensory facilities at Regency High School were destroyed following the heavy floods in Worcester last month.

The facilities were used by pupils at the school with special educational needs.

Although staff were able to restore the facilities after the damage, acting headteacher Mike Eglesfield is appealing for money to renovate and expand the school due to an increase in demand.

Mr Eglesfield said: “The soft playroom was flooded, and everything was damaged.

“We had to clear out the whole room, take everything out and clean everything in there.”

Merie Eglesfield, chair of the parent–teacher association from the school in Carnforth Drive, said: “Following the floods (and a leaking roof) we had to cope without the soft play and multi-sensory facilities, but our amazing caretaker managed to do a temporary fix which will keep us going for a while.

“We have now had the roof repaired and need to focus on raising some significant funding to renovate the whole area.” She added: “With increasing numbers of pupils and with more complex disabilities we need to look at developing a larger space and bringing it into the 21st century; our existing space is very old.”

The school plans to convert the multi-sensory room and soft playroom into one big room, where the children can explore their senses and use new equipment.


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Mr Eglesfield added: “These are children who are profoundly disabled.

“These rooms are essential as it gives them an opportunity to get out of their wheelchairs, lie on the soft floor and stretch their limbs in a safe environment.

“We need to bring it up-to-date as the equipment is around 20 years old.

“Like all schools, we are short of money.”

The school has set a £20,000 target which will enable the renovation.

People can make donations at the Warndon school or write a cheque to the Friends of Regency High School.

The school’s Christmas fayre took place on Friday (December 13) and raised almost £1,500.

The money raised will go towards the renovation appeal.

Mrs Eglesfield said: “The fayre was incredibly well attended.

“We have awesome parents and carers who support us fantastically.

“Donations are gratefully received to Friends of Regency High School.”