A COUNCILLOR has hit out at changes to bus stops outside Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Lynn Denham was responding to the news that First Bus is changing where services stop outside the hospital.

From January 5, services will no longer stop outside the main entrance, and will now stop outside A&E.

This, Cllr Denham says, is inappropriate for those who are elderly or disabled.

She said: “First Bus are saying they are changing where they are going to stop.

“Are they expecting the ill and infirm to walk from the A&E entrance to the main entrance?

“That walk is downhill and uphill - I had to go for a scan recently and I walked that way and saw a guy struggling with a wheelchair.

“The new stop is near the children’s entrance but you can’t just walk in there, it is secured for staff only.”

On the First Bus website, it confirms that from January 5, the changes will come into effect.

It says: “The terminus has changed at the hospital and it will now be the A&E Unit stop - this means that buses will wait any extra time at this stop before continuing around the hospital site.

“The main entrance stop will no longer be served - please use the stop at the Children’s Department (the walking distance from the main entrance is very similar).”

First Bus sent a letter out to councillors explaining the change, saying that it is no further for people to walk from the A&E bus stop and that it could cut down on congestion outside the hospital.

The letter said: “First have taken the decision to amend the route the 36 and 38 services take at the hospital site.

“From January 5, 2020, these services will not serve the main entrance of the hospital and will instead serve the Children’s Department bus stop then operate along the orbital road to exit the site.

“This means passengers will need to board and alight at the Children's Department bus stop instead of the main entrance to the Hospital.

“Information screens in the hospital foyer and the RTI displays will be updated in due course.

“Notices will be erected at the affected bus stops; on the vehicles themselves and at Crowngate Bus Station (from Friday December 20) as well as drivers informing passengers when they board.

“Hard copies of the timetable will be available in Crowngate, the hospital and tourist information centres from Friday, December 20.